Kanye West's Baby Plans Are Totally Unfair to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Just when we thought all signs were pointing to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorcing at some point in the very near future, now it looks as though they've managed to get their marriage back on track. They're reportedly planning on spending Christmas together, despite rumors about them celebrating on different continents. And you know what most couples do when they're in the midst of making up, right? Duh. They get it on.


And apparently physically expressing their undying love for each other is high on their list of priorities right now, considering Kanye wants Kim to have baby number two on her 35th birthday, which falls on October 21, 2015. Note that I didn't say "around" her birthday, I said on her birthday. As in he's gone right ahead and picked her due date with their second kiddo, whether she likes it or not!

A source told Hollywood Life:

Trying isn't the word. Kanye wants to get Kim pregnant, immediately. Kanye has this big dream: He wants to give Kim a baby on her 35th birthday and he’s trying to get her pregnant between now and January in hopes that Kim will be in labor on her birthday.

Everything about Kanye is original and sentimental. He proposed to her on her birthday and now he wants to give her a second child on the same day next year.

Damn. Talk about a load of pressure. I mean, I get that Kim's 35th is a special day and all, but shouldn't having a healthy baby be the number one concern here? And what if Kim can't "deliver" on Kanye's request for her to ... deliver? Gah. He's totally setting both of them up for disappointment if she doesn't conceive.

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But regardless of how demanding it sounds for Kanye to insist for Kim to be knocked up in the next few weeks, I guess we should be happy that they've gotten over the rough patch they were clearly going through. Celeb couple or not, it would still really suck for them to wind up splitting before they even make it through their first year of marriage, especially during the holiday season.

Serious baby making plans could be exactly what they need to rekindle the flame and remind themselves why they got hitched in the first place, so more power to them for putting bedroom activities on the very top of their Christmas lists.

Do you think Kim will be pregnant again soon?


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