Dean McDermott Snags the Creepy Role of a Lifetime

For those of you who still think True Tori is fake, you know the supreme acting skills of one Mr. Dean McDermott. How could any man seem so skeevy, so sleazy, and so damn icky if he's not really? Give the man an Emmy! But for those of you who believe it's real (hand raise!), you're pretty sure Dean has the role of a lifetime on True Tori, "playing" his shifty-eyed, massively-flawed-but-somehow-still-weirdly-sympathetic self. Those of us in that camp wonder -- can Dean McDermott really act? I mean, let's face it, none of us has seen him in anything he's acted in, including that Lifetime movie where he met Tori. Well, folks, our question on the matter is about to be answered.


Deano has managed to go and snag himself a REAL acting role. No, no, he's not starring opposite Robert DeNiro in another Godfather movie or anything like that -- but reportedly he has been cast in a role on CSI.

And you won't believe what he's going to play. Seriously, this is not the kind of role he would have been considered for ... before True Tori. But the CSI casting director was obviously a fan of the show and thought Dean's squinty-eyed, mealy-mouthed portrayal of a pathological liar (himself) on TT might just be the thing they needed for this particular role, in which he plays ...

Well, check out what Dean's new role will be here. I think you'll agree this could be Dean's ticket to the big leagues.

Dean, baby, looking forward to watching you in this special role.


Image via imdeanmcdermott/Instagram

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