Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn't Deserve Job at Yahoo Because She Lacks Education

Even Gwyneth Paltrow has to deal with rejection now and then. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has reportedly made it crystal clear that she has no intention of inviting the Goop creator to join her company as a Yahoo Food contributing editor anytime soon. The reason has little to do with her thoughts on Goop -- Mayer did not share whether she is a fan of the lifestyle site -- and everything to do with Paltrow's unimpressive education.


Gwyneth has obviously accomplished more than a lot of people have in her life. She has starred in dozens of films and has even won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in Shakespeare in Love. She grew up attending the best private schools money could afford, spent time in Spain as an exchange student and learned Spanish, and is certainly articulate enough to make us believe she's an intelligent woman.

But Mayer is not impressed with her -- because, although she took classes at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Gwyneth dropped out before she could earn her degree.

And, in Mayer's eyes, that simply isn't good enough. The CEO reportedly refuses to invite Gwyn to join her team because she didn't complete her college education.

Yahoo has not commented about this, but Paltrow's rep told E! News she never met with anyone from Yahoo, so who knows whether she even considered this opportunity. As for Mayer, the New York Times reported that she regularly asks her deputies where they attended college so, if true, this is clearly very important to her.

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I'm on the fence about how I feel about this. I earned my bachelor's degree from a public university and my master's from an Ivy League school. I realize a great number of people I've met have been more impressed by the Ivy League, and I always feel like they're romanticizing my experience. As impressive as some of my Ivy League peers and professors were, I wish they could have met the many brilliant and hard-working students I encountered at my city school, some of whom spoke English as a second language, worked full-time jobs, and raised children while working toward their degrees.

And let's take college entirely out of the equation. A piece of paper doesn't automatically make you brilliant. Lots of us know people -- sometimes our own parents and grandparents -- who never went to college and can run circles around us when it comes to just being good at life.

And, yes, like everyone else, I feel obligated to mention that Bill Gates dropped out of college. Not that I would recommend any young person gamble on himself becoming another Bill Gates and forego a college education with that hope in mind.

With all of that said though -- none of it matters in this case. Sorry, but it's true, guys.

Mayer has a policy in place at Yahoo. She wants to hire and work with college graduates. Gwyneth doesn't have a degree and does not fit that description; therefore, she shouldn't be given a job simply because she's famous.

Mayer isn't a snob. She's an employer who, like millions of others, has a minimum education requirement for those wishing to obtain a position at her company. She should be applauded for not bending the rules for a celebrity.

What do you think about Gwyneth not being asked to contribute to Yahoo because she lacks a college degree?


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