10 Worst Kardashian Moments of 2014

Kelly Bryant | Dec 29, 2014 Celebrities

For the Kardashians, Jenners, and Disicks, 2014 contained some very high highs (the Kimye wedding) and some seriously low lows (Kim's terrible experience with a nut wearing blackface). Let's take a look back at some of the family's more horrifying moments this year.

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  • Scott Disick's Father Passes Away


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    Scott Disick’s father, Jeffrey Disick, passed away in January 2014, just three months after the death of his mother, Bonnie. Both were just 63 at their times of death and the toll their untimely passing took on Scott was reverberated throughout the entire season of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.

  • Kris Jenner's Talk Show Goes Kaput


    Image via Charles Sykes, Bravo

    Remember when Kris Jenner had a talk show for a few short weeks in the summer of 2013? If you do, you’re one of the few. Abysmal ratings contributed to the show being canceled before it was even officially picked up in 2014. Ouch!

  • Kim's Bizarre Trip to the Vienna Opera Ball


    Image via David Kotinsky, NBC Universal

    Kim Kardashian's year got off to a scandalous start when she was harassed by a man in blackface (pretending to be Kanye West, no less) at the Vienna Opera Ball. Kim and mom Kris attended the event with eccentric Austrian businessman Richard Lugner (who paid Kim $500,000 to be his date), and quite naturally, the whole debacle left the mother-daughter duo mortified.

  • Kylie Jenner's Changing Face


    Image via Kylie Jenner/Twitter

    Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing face caught a lot of flack this year, mainly because the public at large is appalled a 17-year-old would be allowed to make such drastic, seemingly permanent, changes to her appearance. The youngest Jenner has been accused of getting Botox and lip injections, among other procedures, and by April she was over the speculation. “The wonders of putting a little makeup on,” she tweeted. She finished up firing back with, “These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting.”

  • Kim's Elephant Selfie Fail


    Image via Peter Kramer, NBC

    That time Kim Kardashian tried to take a selfie and was nearly “attacked” by an elephant. I totally respect that elephant. The event made for hilarious Internet fodder even though it may have bruised Kimmy’s ego a bit.

  • Khloe and French Montana Go Bust


    Image via Timothy White, E!


    Just when we thought maybe Khloe had found love again, her relationship with French Montana went South and the pair called things off, then got back together, then called things off again. Boo! Sis Kourtney has been vocal about how Khloe changed when she was with the rapper, but we can’t help but root for her ... and them.

  • Kim's Nude Photo Hack


    Image via Charles Sykes, Bravo

    Yeah, so that whole nude photo leak that swarmed Hollywood? Naturally Kim was a part of that. Of course seeing as she has let it all hang out for more than one magazine and gained notoriety from a sex tape, it’s hard to get too worked up over the debacle. Actually, Kanye’s wife appears to be taking it in stride. “I feel violated because these are private pictures,” she told Elle UK. “I didn’t choose for them to be out there. But I’m also realistic. I’m on covers of magazines practically naked, so I can’t go crazy about it.”

  • Khloe's Offensive KKK Comment


    Image via Peter Kramer, NBC

    We expect more from Khloe, so when she busted out an Instagram post containing a joke about the Ku Klux Klan, there was hell to pay. The post in question was a meme of the three Kardashian sisters with the words, “The only KKK to ever let black men in.” She captioned it, “True.” Not good, Khloe. Not. Good.

  • Kris and Bruce Divorce


    Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

    It was inevitable -- Kris and Bruce Jenner finalized their divorce this year, citing irreconcilable differences. As part of the divorce, Kris has to cough up $2.5 million to Bruce in equalization pay. Don’t worry, though, she can pay it out in installments. Whew!

  • Scott's Hamptons Meltdown


    Image via LettheLordBeWithYou/Instagram

    Scott Disick’s volatile behavior on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons has been difficult to watch, but the lowest point had to be his bender while Kourtney took the kids to Los Angeles for North West’s first birthday party. Scott ended up in the hospital after drinking too much and taking a bunch of sleeping pills, then checked himself into rehab (for a little while, at least).


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