Looks Like Khloe Kardashian Was Majorly Dissed By Her New Man

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Well, that was fast. According to reports, since breaking up with French Montana (and all but finalizing her divorce from Lamar Odom), Khloe Kardashian has set her sights on a new man: Portland Trailblazers center Robin Lopez. Khloe is apparently "on the hunt for a new man" and her laser beams have evidently landed on Lopez. It's unclear if anything has yet happened between the pair, but after hearing that Khloe may have the hots for him, he gave a hilarious (no, hilarious) response. 

Here's what Lopez said on the Trailblazers' official website



You know, I’m not exactly certain of the veracity of those rumors. But what I can comment on, I suppose, is the fabrication of that power couple by the press. Obviously they were looking for two people with a lot of influence on popular culture, on the youth, and they were looking for two movers and shakers. Frankly, I’m not surprised they came up with my name.

Lopez, who's currently out with a broken hand, added:

I’ve got a lot more free time for magazine shoots, guest hosting duties on TV shows and stuff. They can contact my agent if they want to. I’m also the associate video guy. That’s one of my new duties. Got a wealth of opportunities even though I’ve only got one hand right now.

LOLZ! And ouch! This has to be kind of embarrassing for Khloe if she is in fact interested in Lopez, because it doesn't exactly sound like he's interested in getting involved with the Kardashian crew -- though, never say never! Between Khloe and Kim, they've already had two NBA players.

Who knows how much truth there is to this rumor, but it's probably a wise decision -- for both Khloe and Lopez -- not to get involved with one another. The Kardashians don't exactly have good luck with basketball players, and ultimately, it seems like what Khloe needs most right now is time to herself. 

But, thanks for the laugh, Robin!

Do you think Khloe should stay single right now?

Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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