Robert Pattinson's PDA With FKA Twigs Is Totally Out of Control

Kristen Stewart, look away, girl, look far FAR FAAAARRRR away! I know I've said this before, but this time I mean it more than the other times. Seriously, you better blindfold yourself and not go anywhere near a tabloid today. Pictures of your ex, Robert Pattinson, have hit the press, and they are not good, sweetie. NOT. GOOD. Well, okay, they are good if you are singer FKA Twigs. The pair were spotted taking in a comedy show in Los Angeles ... and OMG. A picture is worth a thousand words.


The two are hugging, kissing, gazing into each other's eyes. At one point, RPattz lovingly holds her face in his hands and smooths her forehead. In another, he seems to be nuzzling Twigs' ear.

We've all seen PDA from these two before, but not like this! These kids are clearly madly, passionately in love. Orrrrr -- here's the little devilish side of me -- he's doing all this to make KStew jealous? I mean, when did he get to be such a flagrant displayer of PDA?

We certainly never saw such things with KStew and Rob. In fact, they would often walk around together like they hardly knew each other -- and that was before her dalliance with Rupert Sanders.

Was their romance even for real? Was it all something made up by the Twilight PR machine?

Because now that we know what Rob looks like in a relationship, it makes you wonder what it was really like with KStew.

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If I were Kristen, I would be feeling pretty bad about this, even if I'd moved on. I mean, he just seems so much happier. Though I'm sure she wants him to be happy. We all want the ex to be happier with the next girl, right? (Cough.)

Is RPattz so much happier with Twigs?


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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