Brandi Glanville Attacks Tori Spelling After Running Out of Housewives to Insult

brandi glanvilleDamn, girl, put those claws away! When Us Weekly had Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills play the "Name Game" in an exclusive video, she pretty much insulted everyone -- including, head-scratchingly enough, Tori Spelling. And then she went on to compliment the two people she's been known for mocking more than anyone.

Yeah, say what??


"Tori Spelling ... what comes around goes around," Glanville said about the actress, obviously talking about how Spelling and Dean McDermott were married to different people at the time they met and fell in love -- then McDermott went ahead and cheated yet again.


Glanville can most likely relate, as LeAnn Rimes broke up her marriage with Eddie Cibrian. But even though Glanville was asked about them, she had nothing but nice things to say! Which is just plain bizarre.

"Eddie Cibrian ... is a very handsome man and he happens to be the father of my two children," Glanville said, before adding, "LeAnn Rimes ... you're a real good singer."

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Hey, that's pretty good for Glanville! But she then had not very nice things to say about costars Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Figures.

Check out the exclusive video on Us and see what she says about them! It's pretty hilarious, evil stuff.

Are you surprised that Glanville dissed Spelling and her marriage in this way?


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