Kim Kardashian's 'Generous' Holiday Gifts for Her Staff Are Downright Insulting

Kim Kardashian

Wow. Just ... WOW. This is so vain, demeaning, and downright inappropriate, I'm not really even sure where to begin. Um, would you believe that Kim Kardashian reportedly gave her staff Botox gift cards for their holiday gifts this year? Yep. Apparently she thinks it's only fitting that anyone who works for her look just as beautiful and ageless as, well, Kim Kardashian.


According to Naughty Gossip, a source claims:

Kim's always offered free cosmetic enhancements and, rather than spending any money on her nannies, personal assistants, maids or cooks, Kim's been doling out gift cards to Botox clinics. Most of the time they say thanks but no thanks. The freebies are worth more than $500 so Kim has no idea why her employees don't think of the gesture as more thoughtful.

Uhhhhh ... thoughtful? Sure, I guess Kim's little token of appreciation can be seen that way, but think about it for a second. How would you feel if someone handed you a Botox gift card as a Christmas present?

Isn't that pretty much just a fancy way of saying, "Hey, you totally look like shit, you haggard old fool, so please use this gift to do the world a favor and make yourself more attractive."

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Ok, so maybe that's slightly harsh, but still, that's the general concept of giving someone the gift of injections as opposed to ... any other present you could possibly offer, don't-cha-think?

But hey, let's look on the bright side. At least she isn't going so far as to offer the people who work for her something even more insulting, you know, like complimentary liposuction treatments or whatever. When you look at it that way, Kim's Botox gift cards actually seem quite generous and lovely. (Or something to that effect.)

Would you be upset if someone gave you a Botox gift card?


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