Kim Kardashian's Leaked Email Shows How Rude She Can Be

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It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner clan is as tight-knit as a family can get. And it's no secret that Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the family, often gets a lot of crap from her daughters. Sometimes said crap is warranted (IE, when she basically admits that Kim is her favorite daughter). But other times? Sheesh! Her daughters need to give her a break. 

In a recent Instagram post, Kris totally blew up her daughter's spot by posting an email Kim sent to her. I suppose maybe Kim was trying to be nice to her mother, but yeesh! Not too many kids could get away with talking to their mom like that -- even if they are an adult. 

Check out Kim's salty email to her mother:


Nice, right? I mean, I guess at least Kim started the email with "I love you, Mom," but a little harsh, no? (Also, I think she meant "Amish," not "Omish.") At the end of the day, I think Kim was just trying to help her mother out (in her own weird way), but would it have killed her to use language that was a wee bit sweeter? She's talking to her mom, for crying out loud!

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Every family has their own way of communicating with one another, so while this may seem a little rude to some of us, I suppose it isn't all that out of the ordinary for Kim and Kris (and we know they love each other). But still, though, I highly doubt that Kim would appreciate getting an email like this from little Nori one day. What goes around comes around!

Do you think Kim's email to her mom is out of line?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram 

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