Juliette Lewis Wishes Brad Pitt 'Happy Birthday' With Throwback Couple Photo

juliette lewisWay back in Brad Pitt's life before there was Angelina or Jennifer or Gwyneth, there was Juliette Lewis. Brad was 27 when they started dating; Juliette was only 17. They shared moments of bleach blonde hair, they starred in Kalifornia, they even had cornrows together -- actually, only Juliette did. Brad and Juliette were together for three beautiful years -- I loved them as a couple. And now that Brad just turned 51, Juliette took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday with a very curious throwback pic. Oh yes she did!



So BP (is that code for something else, too?!) was quite the musical cool guy. No surprise there. Back then, Brad was le cooooolest. He still is just in a whole different dad with tons of kids kind of way. But is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? Juliette is still an ex-girlfriend. Why is she posting throwback pics and reminiscing the good old times of music and dignified rebellion? What the heck does Angie think of this? Or is Ange one of those people without a tinge of jealousy? Do those people even exist? I can't see her being one of them.

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I suppose it's no big deal in Hollywoodland where you may be kissing and rolling around simulating some sexy time with other actors depending on what film you're in and still make it home to smooch your significant other in time for dinner. Weird. Happy birthday, Brad! I suppose I can only wish I had a throwback photo to post of the two of us when we were young and in love.

What do you think of Juliette posting this pic of her and Brad from yesteryear?


Image via Juliette Lewis/Instagram

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