Stephen Collins Explains Why He Molested Young Girls (VIDEO)

Stephen CollinsStephen Collins, the 7th Heaven dad who shocked everyone by confessing he was a child molester, has finally said why he did what he did. In an astonishing interview with Katie Couric where he admits that he once molested three young girls, Couric asks him if he can think of any reason why he might have done such despicable acts. The answer is pretty remarkable: He says he himself was molested when he was young.


Stressing that he doesn't "blame" the woman for his own actions, Collins claims that an "older, trusted" woman exposed herself to him when he was between the ages of 10 and 15.

Couric presses him on what he means by "exposed" and Collins says the woman got naked, but doesn't really elaborate.

He tells Couric:

I think that that distorted my perception in such a way ... I never thought I was molested, that word never crossed my mind. But I think somewhere in my brain I thought, this isn't so terrible. This person that I trust is doing it.

It's not why I did it. I'm not blaming her. I'm just saying that's an aspect that went into my own distorted thinking as a young man.

No matter that most people don't want to hear anything from a child molester except, "No, I'm not looking forward to prison," it's pretty rare you get to hear from one. And especially one who is articulate. So why not take this opportunity to listen and possibly learn?

We don't know if Collins is telling the truth, but if he himself was molested as a child, it makes a lot of sense. The reality is that among incarcerated child molesters, 30 to 70 percent of them were molested themselves as children -- though most children who were molested do not go on to molest as adults.

Still, there is a link. If what Collins says is true, then therapists would have said he was compulsively reenacting what happened to him as a child in order to gain some kind of power over it. It's the same reason adults who were beat as children might go on to beat their own children. But it's not as if people truly understand what they are doing -- subconscious forces are driving them. 

Collins knows that no one wants to hear any kind of "excuse" about why he molested -- but I don't see why he can't give some insight into why he thinks he might have done it, especially since he was asked the question.

I mean, wouldn't it be interesting if Bill Cosby came forward and tried to explain things?

What do you think about what he said?

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