One Kardashian Might End Up Homeless After Sister's Betrayal

KardashianIt's been awhile since we've heard about Rob Kardashian. He seems to have disappeared into a big black hole. We all know he's had trouble with his weight and with depression -- but hopefully he's improving. Or is he? According to the latest report from Star magazine, it sounds like Rob is just as bad as ever. Apparently Rob is still living with sister Khloe, but even Khloe, with patience like Penelope (look that up), is losing her sympathy for her little brother's issues.


A source tells the mag:

Khloe is fed up with Rob and his lazy, mooching ways. He hasn’t made any attempt at getting work, going to therapy, getting help, or giving up drugs.

Reportedly, the sock entrepreneur goes weeks without ever leaving the mansion, and all he does during that time is order food, smoke pot, watch TV, and play video games. Hey, nice work if you can get it!

Though Khloe has always been more understanding with her little bro than the rest of the clan -- and even seems to blame herself for introducing him to the party-lovin' lifestyle via Lamar Odom -- supposedly even she has given up and wants him out of her abode. Says the source:

She’ll consider legal action to force him out if he’s not gone by January.

January?? That's like a couple of weeks away! Yikes! Rob better get on the classifieds and try to find a place. Something tells me he won't be welcome at Kim's. Maybe Kendall's?

Well, once again, we hope Rob wakes up and gets some help. Depression isn't something that just goes away by watching TV and smoking pot. C'mon, Rob, we're rooting for you, buddy!

Should Khloe give Rob more time?


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