Kim Kardashian's Weird Fur-Lined Heels Will Make You Laugh, Then Cry

Kim Kardashian

She's worn some pretty crazy get-ups over the years, but regardless of how much cleavage she's showing on any given date, it's pretty safe to say her accessories are always on point. And that's why we're totally scratching our heads over Kim Kardashian's wacky fur-lined heels, which she was spotted wearing while out to dinner in LA last night. And when we say fur, we mean F-U-R, as the Celine shoes are apparently made of real rabbit fur (sniffle!) and retail for a whopping $6,600.


Maybe it was a chilly night out in Southern Cali. Or maybe Kim wanted the feel of a bedroom slipper with the chic-factor of a posh heel. Whatever the case, these babies will no doubt go down in history as the oddest pair of shoes to ever grace her perfectly pedicured tootsies. 

Click here to see the photo of the heels over at Us Weekly. You'll never look at another bunny rabbit the same way again! (Sad face.)


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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