Miley Cyrus Learns Exactly What Kennedy Family Thinks of Her Romance With Patrick

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus and boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger seem to be getting closer than ever -- but that's no thanks to Patrick's family, who apparently are not too keen on the controversial singer. First, rumor has it that Miley was banned from Patrick's sister Katherine's December 13 birthday party, and now word is that Miley can't join the annual Kennedy Christmas bash. Perhaps they are worried that Miley will give Ethel Skakel a heart attack with some ill-timed twerking?


Life & Style reports that Molly-lovin' Miley is definitely not Maria Shriver's dream girl in terms of who she'd like to see her son getting serious with:

Maria doesn’t want her there and won’t budge. She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have Miley around the rest of the Kennedy family.

But supposedly Patrick is fighting back. Says the source:

Patrick insists on having her there -- or he will not come. Every time they do talk, it ends up in an argument where Patrick is defending Miley.

Hmm, given that they have only been dating a couple of months, it's not THAT big of a deal that she not join the family for Christmas. BUT. They do seem kind of serious.

Given that Maria had to put up with cheating Arnold for decades, you'd think Miley wouldn't be that much of a shock. I mean, c'mon, they might be Kennedys, but certainly the men in the family have much worse reps than Miley.

Besides, there is nothing that brings two people closer together than family disapproval. If Maria were smart, she'd welcome Miley with open arms and let the relationship run its natural course, which will probably be a short one anyway.

Would you invite Miley to your holiday party?


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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