Abigail Breslin Clears Up That Twitter Shade She Threw at Taylor Swift

Abigail BreslinRemember last week when it seemed like adorable Abigail Breslin threw major shade at Taylor Swift by tweeting, "Cuz darling I’m a nightmare dressed like an emotionally unstable cat lady"? It turns out we had the teen actress all wrong, and she recently cleared the air on HuffPo Live.


See, we all thought the tweet was an obvious reference to T-Swizzle's number one hit off her 1989 album, "Blank Space," which includes the lyric, "cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream." You see, Taylor recently acquired a feline friend, Olivia Benson, whom she carries with her almost everywhere.

Add that to the fact that T-Swift and Abigail's ex-boyfriend Michael Clifford had recently exchanged Twitter pleasantries ... well, we connected the dots and figured that Abigail was blowing off some steam.

Except for she apparently wasn't referring to Taylor at all. Instead she was talking about ... herself.

"What's so crazy, I think that everybody that follows me on Twitter knows that I just got surprised with a kitten, a baby kitten, like a week ago, by my family," she explained.

"I was walking in my apartment, and I stopped in front of my mirror, and I had my hair in a topknot, and my glasses on, and no makeup on and a bathrobe on, with my cat and like a handful of its food, trying to give it medicine. I was like 'wow my life, I look like an emotionally unstable cat lady.'"

She even tweeted about it:

Well there you go! No shade intentionally thrown. She even told the cameras on HuffPo Live, "Taylor, I have no beef with you."

"That song is amazing," she admitted. "Everybody loves that song. Why would I be insulting it? Like, it was just so bizarre."

Do you think Abigail Breslin meant no harm with her tweet?


Image via Abigail Breslin/Instagram

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