Federal Agents Raid Teresa Giudice's House & Seize the Kids' Christmas Presents

teresa and joe giudiceAfter Teresa and Joe Giudice were sentenced to prison, many of their fans thought the worst was over. Sure, they are  going to lose their freedom (her for 15 months and him for 3.5 years), but it seems that's not all. A week before Christmas, federal agents raided their New Jersey mansion.


The reality TV couple had failed to set up a payment plan for the huge restitution they owe for their crimes. There is reportedly an outstanding balance for $214,000. As such, the agents descended upon their home to seize more property. Among the many items they nabbed: plasma TVs, pricey jewelry, cash, and even Christmas presents for the kids all to be auctioned off. Whatever is left over will go to pay the creditors in their bankruptcy. That bill amounts to a staggering $14.3 million.

“Teresa was home and was absolutely stunned by the raid,” the insider said. “She had no clue they were coming. She was absolutely hysterical and begging them not to take the girls’ Christmas presents.”

Certainly sounds cruel given the time of year. After all, the kids didn't commit these crimes, their parents did. However, the agents were unmoved, according to the source. In fact, they were pleasantly surprised to find large wads of cash hidden in the wine cellar. Apparently, this whole horrifying, pre-Christmas debacle could have been avoided if Teresa and Joe had just agreed to some sort of a payment plan. After all they have been through, it's shocking they would let this slip. Now they -- and their girls -- are paying the consequences.

Do you think the agents went too far in seizing the kids' gifts or is this what Teresa and Joe deserve?


Image © Murray, Ed/Star Ledger/Corbis

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