Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Christmas Plans Reveal the Truth About Their Marriage

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Having Thanksgiving away from each other even though they're newlyweds was shocking enough, but would you believe a new report suggests that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not spending Christmas together? Apparently he wants to go to Paris and she prefers to remain in LA with her family. Mon dieu. What's up with his obsession with all things French?


I mean, I know Paris is all sorts of beautiful this time of year, but shouldn't Kanye's number one priority be to have Christmas with his wife and sweet little girl as opposed to wandering the city of lights and stuffing his face with croissants or whatever?

Sure, when it comes to holiday plans, married couples definitely have to compromise. Still, given that Christmas is typically a time spent with the ones we hold dearest to our hearts, you'd think Kanye would understand why Kim has no intention of leaving home until after December 25.

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Let's go ahead and assume this rumor is true, and Kanye and Kim really do plan on being on different continents when Santa arrives. Um, who else thinks this will be the last and final sign we need as far as proving they're headed straight for divorce goes?

Again, this is their first year of marriage, so the idea of spending Christmas anywhere other than together (wherever that may be) just seems downright bizarre.

And honestly, if Kanye doesn't come to his senses and realize he's basically slapping Kim (not to mention Nori) in the face by heading across the pond, then Kim will probably be doing herself a huge favor by kicking him to the curb before they even reach their first anniversary.

Why on Earth should she stay with a husband who can't be bothered to open presents in front of their tree on Christmas morning? Heck, if he has her this low on his priority list a few months into their marriage, it certainly doesn't bode well for how he'll treat her when they're old and gray. (Ok, scratch the gray part. They have salons for that sort of thing.)

Run, Kim. R-U-N.

Do you think Kim and Kanye are headed for divorce?


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