Anna Kendrick Calls Out David Letterman for His Fur-Covered 'Sex Toy'

Anna Kendrick, David LettermanIt's pretty hard not to love Anna Kendrick, especially after interviews like the one she did on the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, December 16. She not only told the late night host about her sleepwalking adventures with Ambien, but she also called him out about his alleged cat toy ... which is obviously a fur-covered dildo.


The Into the Woods star was asked about her flight in from London the previous evening, and she shared the tale of what happened after she took a sleeping pill to catch some zzz's on the long flight.

"It's a hell of a drug, a hell of a drug," she told Letterman about the Ambien she popped. "I just sort of black out the second that I take it, and it's, like, I wake up, and I wake up to a surprise every time -- like all my DVDs are in my fridge or something. Surprise!"

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Then she launched into the story about the plane ride. "This last time I took it, as soon as we took off, I remember thinking, 'Ah, I should put on something comfy to sleep in,'" she said. "And then nothing. And when I woke up, I was wearing everything that was in my carry-on bag, and I had a 90-second video of my salad. Not like an accident -- like, I was Scorsese filming this salad."

It's pretty hilarious to hear her thought process on why she put all her clothes on, even though she has no recollection of doing it.

But then things got even better when she asked Letterman about his cat toy. "That is a fur-covered dildo, no?" she asked. "There was a factory; they were putting those out ... they said 'put a mitten on it and sell it to children!' Just ... it's for kids now," she continued with a flourish.

That was when Dave brought out the cat toy to demonstrate for the audience, and yup -- we're with Anna on this one. That's definitely a fuzzy sex toy.

Just one last thought -- can she and Jennifer Lawrence be friends and film all of their interactions? I bet they'd be hilarious together.

Have you ever seen a cat toy that looked like that?


Image via The Late Show With David Letterman/YouTube

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