Selena Gomez Was THAT GIRL at Taylor Swift's Birthday Party

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While everyone seemed to be having the BEST DAY EVER at Taylor Swift's 25th birthday party, Selena Gomez certainly was not. Missing from the event was Justin Bieber, who seems to be making Selena a bit emotional lately. Selena was that girl at the party -- the one who ends up crying about her boyfriend and no one is quite sure what to do.


I know Selena loves Justin, but my goodness I wish her brain would take over and make her realize that perhaps the Biebs just isn't the right guy right now for her. Easy for me to say -- I'm old, Selena is just 22. Young love. And to be in love and famous ... yikes. And so the tears will flow, along with the emotional outbursts, perhaps fueled by some drinks. It was a party.

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What is rumored to have gone on is that Selena ended up shouting:

No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn't even understand me.

And no one knew exactly what to say to that. Sam Smith was reportedly right there and just stared at her. Smith, who sings the heartbreaking song "I'm Not the Only Way," most likely relates to Selena very well -- he knows the heart wants what it wants. I could picture the scene: Selena, a beer in hand, maybe had a little too much, looking gorgeous but maybe her eyeliner a little smudged. Sam, standing there as she had her outburst and then he breaks into his song: You say I'm crazy. 'Cause you don't think I know what you've done. But when you call me baby, I know I'm not the only one. Then the two hug and they realize they get each other. Bonded in emotional heartbreak. Perhaps a new besties alert is needed here. Chin up, Selena. We get you. We really get you.

Can you relate to Selena?

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