Kanye West's Latest Mishap Could Be the Last Straw for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

If he wasn't already on the top of her shit list going into the holiday season, then the fact that Kanye West bailed on a family outing for the sake of getting back to work really ought to push Kim Kardashian over the edge. According to RadarOnline, Kim and Kanye took Nori to see Disney on Ice, but a mere half hour into the show, Kanye abruptly got up and left.


A source explains, "Kanye bailed after 30 minutes because he had work commitments, including finishing work on the upcoming documentary about his Yeezus concert tour. Kim was absolutely furious with Kanye for leaving after only such a short time."

Um, can you blame her? Odds are good that the three of them had tickets for the performance for weeks on end. If Kanye were truly a devoted father and husband, he would've blocked off a couple hours on his calendar to make sure he could enjoy the entire show with his family.

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The insider also added, "Kim was embarrassed by Kanye's actions. Luckily, she had friends there to support her, and tried to keep the focus on North. In the end, Kim ended up leaving the show early too because she was in a bad mood."

(Gah. Way to ruin the entire day for everyone involved, Kanye.)

I know the man can't exactly neglect his career, but for crying out loud, you'd think he'd realize that his marriage is never going to work if he doesn't put Kim and Nori first, at least most of the time. Considering how much time he has spent away from his two ladies over the past few months, it almost seems like they are merely there for his convenience, you know, like he'll spend time with them when and if it fits into his busy lifestyle.

Say what you will about her character, but Kim certainly deserves better than a man who is almost never there for her and her daughter. It's totally understandable for her to be irate that Kanye up and left the Disney show.

Of course, this could be nothing more than one more nasty rumor that has been spread to lead us to believe Kim and Kanye will wind up going their separate ways. However, when it comes to celebrity couples, the longer these types of rumors persist, the better the odds are of them winding up being true.

Hmm. 2015 could prove to be quite interesting for the Kardashian family, and not necessarily in a good way. (Get it together, Kanye.)

Do you think Kim has a right to be mad at Kanye?


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