Threats Over 'The Interview' Escalate to Truly Terrifying Level

James Franco and Seth Rogen

The attack on Sony in protest of the release of their Seth Rogen/James Franco North Korea-themed comedy The Interview just keeps getting worse and worse -- and scarier and scarier. The Guardians of Peace (GOP) who are claiming responsibility for stealing (and releasing) Sony employee emails, personal information, pirated movies, and more are now threatening attacks on all the theaters where the movie will be played!


Yesterday, the GOP warned movie goers to avoid buying tickets for the film, and they also suggested that people who live close to the movie theaters leave their homes! Rogen and Franco have decided to cancel the rest of their scheduled press appearances to promote the movie -- and the New York City premiere of The Interview scheduled for Thursday night has been canceled too.

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While Sony isn't officially pulling the movie from theaters (yet), they are giving their blessing to any theater that decides they don't want to show The Interview.

The good news is that the Department of Homeland Security said the threat isn't backed up by any "credible intelligence." But that doesn't mean they aren't investigating it thoroughly and treating it as a matter of national security.

Rogen and Franco are obviously shaken up by the turn of events. Rogen called into the "Kevin and Bean" radio show on KROQ to comment on the canceled press appearances, saying: "I'm just going to go and try not to think about any of this stuff for a few days. I've been playing mental acrobatics. It's a very funny movie and amidst all the stuff surrounding it, it's just a comedy. Its prime goal was not to be controversial."

And yet I don't remember a more controversial comedy ever being released. I don't know about you guys, but this is literally keeping me up at night. I'll admit that at first, I was fascinated by all the emails from Sony executives that kept getting leaked with juicy gossip about major movie stars. But now I'm downright scared that it was this easy to break into a major corporation's private files. And it's beyond scary that terrorist threats are now being made. I know that if Sony pulls the movie or the public refuses to see it, the terrorists win. But I don't think we have enough information on who is behind this yet, and until we do, maybe it's best to just save this movie for Netflix.

Would you go see The Interview in theaters?


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