Kate Middleton Has New Reason to Loathe Camilla Parker Bowles

Kate Middleton

It looks as though Kate Middleton’s bitter war with Camilla Parker Bowles really has no end.

Rumor has it that the Duchess is upset that Queen Elizabeth is passing the royal reins to Prince Charles and his wife, bypassing Prince William and Kate, even though the people of England would LOVE to see them ascend the throne next.


According to The Globe, the Duchess has allegedly been holding back tears, as she is devastated over the fact that Camilla will soon be Queen because Prince William isn’t ready to take the throne yet. Sources revealed,

Kate is guilt-ridden over her husband’s decision not to take over the Throne from ailing Queen Elizabeth, who wants William to be Britain’s next monarch. But William rejected Elizabeth’s pleas, opening the way for his father, Prince Charles, and evil stepmom Camilla Parker-Bowles to become the next King and Queen. William told Kate he wants to focus on her and their growing family for a few years and stay away from the pressure cooker of royal life. Now, Kate blames herself for the royal crisis.

Quite honestly, I don’t think Kate should beat herself up over this. She’s got her whole life ahead of her before she becomes Queen of England, so she might as well enjoy her family before things get REAL. I know she’s in the public eye as it is right now, but the moment Prince William becomes King of England, that’s when their lives will change forever. She won’t be able to hide from the public or take multiple vacations like she does now. The entire monarchy is going to be looking to William and Kate to lead them when the going gets rough.

Plus, Prince Charles and Camilla won’t be holding court forever. Hopefully Kate understands that she’ll have the title soon enough.

Do you think Camilla Parker Bowles will make a good Queen? 

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