New Kim Kardashian Portrait Is Almost Too Obscene for Public Eyes (PHOTO)

kim kardashian paperThis is ... just ... too ... bizarre. Sometimes you have to really sit there and wonder why things exist, and it may lead you to feel rather depressed over the state of humanity, but oh well, here goes. An artist used a special, um, "tool" to paint a portrait of Kim Kardashian. The Danish artist, whose name is Uwe Max Jense, replicated that infamous Paper magazine cover in the most unique -- and disturbing -- way possible.


Yes, those timeless photos that exist on the Internet forever and ever for all the world to see just got even more corrupted by this artist who clearly has too much time on his hands. Not only did those naked Kim photos attempt to break the Internet, they may have broken ... something else ... on this man ... when it came to re-creating one of them.

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You just HAVE to see what the artist used and the resulting portrait. Then you must check out his blog, but be careful, some of the photos are (obviously) NSFW. Most likely, the 11-by-15-inch canvas of Kim K. is something no rational and sane human would ever want to touch, let alone visualize how it was created ... but hey, um, to each his own?

No, but seriously. This is perturbing. And gross. And nasty. And potentially unhygienic? Just use a paintbrush next time, for Pete's sake.

What do you think about the portrait of Kim painted by this artist's "special tool"?


Image via Paper

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