7 Kardashian Family Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

Lauren Brown | Dec 17, 2014 Celebrities
7 Kardashian Family Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

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For a family that doesn't shy away from letting EVERYTHING get caught on camera, there's still plenty that all the members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan DO NOT want out there. Unfortunately, when you're in the public eye 24/7, nothing can stay under wraps for long. Get ready because we uncovered seven juicy Kardashian family secrets that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris (especially Kris), and the rest of the gang never wanted out there!


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  • A Bribe a Day Keeps the Bad Reviews Away


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    Kris Jenner's dream to become a talk show star was quickly squashed by bad reviews almost as soon as The Kris Jenner Show premiered in the summer of 2013. But never one to give up, Kris tried to bribe New York Post columnist Linda Stasi after she called Kris a “demented Norma Desmond” in one particularly scathing review. What was Kris' offering? One dozen Magnolia cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen with a note that asked she use the pen to write a “better review next time.” It didn't work as the show was canceled after a limited summer run.

  • A Sweatshop Scandal


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    Yikes! One of the Kardashians' many clothing brands came under fire in 2011 for being produced by Chinese workers for a measly 8 cents per garment! China Labor Watch, a nonprofit organization fighting sweatshops, released this unfortunate information during an investigation -- which Kris Jenner denied knowing anything about! She claimed, "The factories are very well policed and meet factory standards."

  • Some Scenes Are Super Fake!


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    Even the Kardashians have drama-free days, but when you're paid big bucks to always "bring it," sometimes you gotta fake it. It's been revealed by multiple sources that certain story lines have been, well, staged! Examples include Kim "losing" a $75,000 earring after her ex Kris Humphries threw her into the ocean, Khloe feeling "left out" while Kim and Kourtney shopped for baby gear, and Kim "freaking out" after Kris and Khloe threw toilet paper all over her yard!

  • Plastic Surgery Stand-Off


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    Much has been made about Kim's famous physique -- is it real? Is it the result of plastic surgery? Well, according to sources, Kim is desperate to go under the knife to fix some imperfections with her post-baby bod -- especially what she considers her "droopy" F-cup breasts. But husband Kanye West will NEVER allow it because his mother died after a plastic surgery procedure gone wrong!

  • A Very Kardashian Divorce


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    The world watched (and rolled their eyes) while Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries crashed and burned. But after exposing so much of what was ultimately a very embarrassing time, the cameras didn't catch Kim and Kris actually breaking up. That wasn't for a lack of trying on Kim's part! She wanted to film a "goodbye chat" over Skype to tell Kris that she did "truly love him." Kris saw through Kim's desperate attempt to save face and said no because he NEVER wants to appear on any Kardashian reality show ever again. And can you blame him?

  • The Nanny Knows Too Much


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    Kris Jenner may try to act like another sister instead of a mom to her kids, but according to former nanny Pam Behan -- that could not be further from the truth. Pam took care of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob between 1991 and 1996 and was appalled by what she witnessed. Pam revealed that the girls were all shallow and Kris was actually a very mean mom who criticized Khloe for being overweight. And apparently Kris is very partial to produce. Pam reveals that Kris once went on a crazy tirade after she forgot to pick up -- heaven forbid -- broccoli from the grocery store!

  • Khloe Was One Step Ahead of Lamar Odom


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    While the world watched the devastating split of Khloe and Lamar play out on a few of the Kardashian reality shows, one thing we didn't see was Khloe hire a private investigator to catch Lamar cheating with at least five mistresses. While that doesn't seem very characteristic of Khloe, she had another reason (that was kept off camera) for doing so ... there's an infidelity clause in their prenuptial agreement that would give ultimately give Khloe a higher settlement in their divorce!


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