Incredible Way Kim Kardashian Made Kourtney's Birth So Much Easier

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As you may have heard, Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her third child -- a boy -- on Sunday. The day also happens to be her son Mason's birthday, so while she was in the hospital, Kim played world's best aunt and took her nephew Mason to Disney on Ice to celebrate turning 5. How sweet!

Apparently, Kanye West accompanied Kim on the outing, which didn't just include Mason, but Kourtney's middle child, Penelope; their daughter, North; as well as a friend's little one. Kim (of course) shared a few photos of the fun day at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on her Instagram, and from the looks of things, the whole gang had a great time. How cute! 


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It's a pretty crazy coincidence that Kourtney gave birth to her third baby on the exact same day as her first. And, while it's cool, I'm sure there was a big part of Kourtney that was concerned/sad that she was going to be missing out on Mason's birthday. It's great that she knew he was having a good time with his aunt, sister, and cousin. So nice that Kourtney could rely on her sister for help like that

As we all know, Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to criticism about her parenting. From piercing her daughter's ears to jetting across the world sans child, Kim is often at the center of controversy for decisions she's made regarding North. But, at the end of the day, it seems like she's an incredibly loving mom (and aunt!), who's fully capable of taking care of a child -- or in this case, children! If that weren't the case, there's no way Kourtney would have asked her to watch her kiddos. 

So glad Mason got to have a fun fifth birthday. I'm sure he and Kourtney are very grateful to Kim. Can't wait to see what he and his brother do for their joint birthday next year!

How sweet is it that Kim took care of Mason and Penelope while Kourt was giving birth?


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