Kate Middleton Has 'Mom Moment' We Can All Relate To

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She may be the future Queen of England, but sometimes Kate Middleton just wants to be a regular ol' mom. On Friday, the Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George to a Winter Wonderland Fair in London's Hyde Park. Kate reportedly squeezed in some holiday fun by taking her adorable toddler on a twirling teacup ride. An onlooker told People, "George was smiling and laughing as they went 'round and 'round together. He was really enjoying the ride with his mom. You could see it in his little face -- he looked so happy." Aww! The source also added, "Kate was so polite and normal looking. I don't think anyone even noticed that they were there."


Despite there being a lot of obvious perks to being a princess, it has to be hard for Kate to live her life as a mother sometimes. I'm sure once in a while, she just wants to take her son to do something normal and unfancy (like go to a park), and that's not always easy. It's highly unlikely that Kate just woke up on Friday and decided to take George to the fair. I'm sure it was meticulously planned and Kate made an effort to blend in with the crowd, as not to spoil the day with her son.

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I love that, despite the media frenzy that always follows her, Kate makes a point to take her son to do regular toddler activities. I'm sure there's a part of her that's anxious and a little bit sad right now to only have a few months left with him as her only child. She probably wants to squeeze in as many fun memories as possible -- regardless of who wants to take her picture while she's doing so.

Prince George may not remember the day at the Winter Wonderland Fair with his mother years from now, but no doubt, Kate will. And the perk of being a super famous tot? I'm sure there will be plenty of photos he can look back on.

How sweet is it that Kate took George to a Winter Wonderland?


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