Kim Kardashian's Latest Selfie Is a Direct Insult to Her Daughter North West

Kim Kardashian

There is no question that Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Selfies, but some pics are better left unshared. Her latest is just plain ridiculous -- and not because she is half naked or showing off her rear end. It actually has more to do with what is NOT pictured and a lot of her fans have been complaining about it.


In a photo that she posted on her Instagram account on Sunday, Kimmy Cakes is looking fierce like always, but that’s not what people are upset about. The problem is she totally CROPPED HER OWN CHILD out of the photo. 

Kim Kardashian

Was this intentional? Did she try to pull a Beyonce here by hiding Nori’s face? Or did she totally not realize that she left a little bit of her daughter in the pic? Color me confused because I simply don’t get why she did this. It's not like she has been hiding Nori from the public. Some wonder it it's because she wanted all the attention on herself. However, I flat-out refuse to believe that Kim is that vain! What mother would do that?!?! All moms love to take photos of their kids at Nori’s age. Heck, my iPhone camera roll is nothing but pics of my two kids. 

It would have been better if Kim just posted a photo where she was totally alone. That way, we wouldn't be debating her motives. I just don't want to believe that Kim thinks her adorable daughter might be stealing her thunder. If that is the case, that's a really bad sign.

Do you think Kim intentionally cropped her daughter out of the photo? 

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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