Kim Kardashian's New Plastic Surgery Plan Is As Vain As It Gets

Kim Kardashian

If we weren't already fairly convinced that she's obsessed with her appearance, now OK! magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian wants more plastic surgery, though you'll probably never guess what area she's concerned about all of a sudden. No, she's not planning to alter her face in any way, shape, or form. And she's not doing anything to change the shape of her most famous asset either.


Instead, Kim supposedly wants surgery to take care of her "bat wings." You know, the loose skin that hangs down on your upper arms that gets all jiggly if you so much as move an inch.

A source claims, "She's always hated her arms and can't stand her wobbly bat wings and now she wants brachioplasty surgery to get rid of the excess flesh."

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But while this may turn out to be nothing more than a rumor, if Kim really is worried about her upper arms being a little too loose, can we blame her? Oh come on, you know you've stood in front of the mirror a time or two and watched your upper arm skin jiggle much to your dismay. And it doesn't even matter how in shape you are or if you are even one pound overweight. It's like the minute you enter into your mid-30s, gravity hits that part of your body, and the next thing you know, it's a total wiggle-fest.

And while that sort of thing does come with the territory of getting older, it's still bothersome and quite unsightly, so if Kim can afford to have it fixed, why the hell shouldn't she?

So what if it seems a little vain to have that area nipped and tucked? (Come on, are we really all that surprised if she's considering going under the knife?)

Of course, let's just hope she has a very accomplished plastic surgeon who won't leave any sort of scars behind; otherwise, her days of parading around in strapless and/or sleeveless dresses are probably numbered.

Would you ever have plastic surgery on your arms?


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