Kate Middleton Sends Nasty Message to Prince William's Hard-Partying Friends

kate middletonThe Duchess of Cambridge can barely go to the bathroom without it being international news, so it's no surprise that people have caught on to the fact that she's been avoiding Prince William's friends like the plague. Super sleuths at the Daily Mail recently made the realization that Kate Middleton has had absolutely nothing to do with Prince William's buddies lately -- particularly, as they say, "those who are a little too fond of partying." A source supposedly even spoke to the Mail, saying, "People have noticed she’s rarely by William’s side when he socializes -- it gives the impression she wants to avoid some of his friends."


Kate, of course, is around five months pregnant right now -- so that, coupled with the fact that she has a toddler to run after, makes for a perfect excuse for why she wouldn't be out and about as of late. But, from the sound of things, there's a little more to the story. This mysterious source also added, "[Kate] doesn’t like drunken behavior, but some of them like to party. One drunken incident recently put her off one of William’s close female friends, and Kate wasn’t afraid to let her know she disapproved of her sloppy behavior." Awk-ward. 

In case you're counting, Prince William has gone to eight events this year sans his wife. Four of those events were weddings, two were holidays, and the Duchess even missed the christening of Will's cousin Zara Phillips' daughter. If it were a few events, fine. It wouldn't be all that strange ... but eight? It definitely seems as though this source might be on to something.

Prince William has had his tight-knit circle of friends for years and years -- some people he's been friends with long before Kate was ever in the picture -- so it's doubtful that he'll sever ties with any of these people. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this very issue was a point of contention in their relationship. Again, right now, the Duchess has the perfect excuse for skipping out on weddings and other fun events, but in a few years, when she's no longer pregnant and her kids are a bit bigger, things could get really uncomfy between her and Wills' friends. 

Or better yet, maybe his friends will grow out of their partying ways by then.

Do you believe that Kate's avoiding William's friends?

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