Kim Kardashian Was Banned from Doing One Thing When She Met Kanye West

Sometimes you meet someone who you think is SO perfect .. with the exception of that one little thing that drives you crazy about them. Assuming your request isn't that they change their personality or friends or stop speaking to their mother, you sometimes compromise in order to keep each other happy. Kim Kardashian recently revealed the little thing -- huge for her -- that Kanye West made her do when they started dating. Hint: if she made a promise to follow his rule, she definitely didn't keep it for very long.


When they first met and began hitting up hot spots and restaurants, Kanye put his foot down and told selfie-obsessed Kim not to take out her phone during dinner. Kanye, who lived without a phone for four years, told her he thought it was very rude for them to keep checking their cells while in each other's company -- a rule the couple asked their wedding guests to follow, as well, so they could be "in the moment."

We joke a lot about how Kanye loves to wear the pants at all times in their relationship, but this is one rule I can get behind. He's right. When you constantly check your phone, the message you send to your partner, or to anyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to be in your company, is that you aren't completely present with them. Or that their company isn't enough and you'd love to be somewhere else at the moment.

As for taking selfies, I can't help but feel like a person obsessed with documenting where she is at all times is more concerned with proving to the world that she has an extravagant life than with actually living it and having real conversations with people that matter.

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Kim vows she and Kanye wait until after dinner to snap pics and share them with the world. I am guessing that's the compromise Kanye had to make with her because she wasn't about to give up her habit for anyone. Baby steps, I guess?

What do you think about Kanye's rule that he and Kim couldn't use their phones during dinner?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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