Robin Williams Remembered at 'Night at the Museum' Premiere

The stars of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb gathered on the red carpet for the premiere of the third movie in the franchise on Thursday, December 11, and there was one notably absent figure. Robin Williams wasn't there to watch the debut of the last movie he ever made.


Williams' widow, Susan Schneider, attended in his absence, as his friends and costars reminisced about what a wonderful man he was, and how much fun he brought to the set as Teddy Roosevelt

Shawn Levy directed the Oscar-winning actor in all three films, and said, "I take really seriously the honor of it being the last movie he made, and part of that legacy ... I think for me it's that on the one hand he could be crazy-funny, and also kind of heartbreaking with his humanity. That's a rare skill to have both."

Ben Stiller, who plays the night watchman who consorts with the museum historical "displays" that are brought to life, remember Williams fondly as well. He said, "He made everybody feel important, no matter who, and he set an amazing example that way."

Sir Lancelot's Dan Stevens remembered that the late actor "would always come and tell you at the end of the day what a great job you'd done." He also said that Williams was "so excited" when his costars "nailed a joke." What an awesome guy! So many people would be jealous of other people's talent, but Robin Williams celebrated it. Stevens continued, "It's a strange night, obviously, but [Williams] really is the life and soul of these movies, and special."

"I literally had no idea that he might not be the happiest person in the world -- which is incredible, really," Ricky Gervais also said about Williams' suicide last August. "He was just really generous and genuine. And funny, he was just funny. He was silly, I loved him."

A life taken too soon, that's for sure.

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