Kate Middleton's Surprisingly Greasy Pregnancy Craving Revealed

Kate MiddletonThis has certainly been an exciting week in the United States for Kate Middleton and Prince William, hasn't it? From breaking royal protocol with LeBron James to raising eyebrows at the 9/11 memorial to that now infamous eye-roll, the pregnant princess sure has been making lots of headlines in the last few days during her whirlwind visit. And it's been so great to see her up and about looking fabulous, especially since it's been well documented that Kate suffered from extreme morning sickness yet again with this second pregnancy. Even better news? Her pregnancy cravings while in NYC have been revealed -- and they're amazing.


Even though Kate is as skinny as ever, she couldn't resist one particular New York staple during her stay there. She didn't order tea or crumpets or some kind of Paleo kale shake to her suite in the Carlyle hotel on December 9. Nope! She is far too awesome for that.

Apparently the duchess, who is five months pregnant, even shared her order with an assistant, her secretary Rebecca Deacon, and her hairstylist Amanda Cook-Tucker while she was getting ready for an event that night.

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Yep, she's officially the most perfect pregnant person on the planet. Sigh.

Check out Kate's delicious, gooey pregnancy cravings here. And how very specific her toppings were! She has apparently had these cravings before, but since she's visiting NYC, it's the ideal city for her to fulfill them now! Hopefully she experienced all the deliciousness that we New Yorkers get to enjoy on a daily basis.

What did you crave when you were pregnant?


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