Kendra Wilkinson Gets Bizarre Marriage Advice From Hugh Hefner (VIDEO)

Kendra WilkinsonWhom do you turn to when you're having marriage difficulties? Maybe it's your mother, your best friend, or a therapist. If you're Kendra Wilkinson, however, it's a bit weirder. Kendra, still in the throes of despair about Hank Baskett's dalliance with a transsexual, turned to her former sugar daddy, that personification of marriage ideals, Hugh Hefner.


Yes, Hef, who has been married three times -- lastly, to a woman a bajillion years younger than himself -- and who has slept with nearly every young woman north of the Equator, is the one person Kendra says she will trust to give her good marriage advice. Erm, okay.

Kendra said on her reality show, Kendra on Top:

If there's going to be a person I listen to in this madness, it's going to be Hef. Hef knows how to live this life honest, pure, truthful, happy, and I was really interested in what Hef had to say about all this.

Yeah, this is sort of like turning to Bernie Madoff for stock picking recommendations.

Kind of surprising Hef would still want to talk to Kendra after she dissed his bedroom skills, but Hef does actually have some good advice. He tells Kendra:

He obviously f--ked up. That's human.

Well, I'm not too sure all humans are capable of f**king up to this extent, but Hef is right when he tells Kendra that she has a lot at stake. She has two young children with Hank, and Hank does seem incredibly remorseful and willing to work on his marriage.

However, when Hef says that he thinks Hank was "set up," that goes against his theory that he f**ked up. I mean, which was it? Saying he was "set up" just sounds like an excuse. Hank couldn't have been "set up" by a transsexual model if he didn't go over to her house to begin with.

Since Kendra still seems to truly love Hank, and vice versa, I say these two keep working on things. But there are no third chances with something like this!

Do you think Hef makes sense?


Image via We TV

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