Kim Kardashian Makes Totally Weird Confession at Most Inappropriate Time

Kim Kardashian

Huh. I guess we all have something that totally freaks us out for whatever reason, but would you believe that Kim Kardashian is afraid of dogs, of all things? And in particular, tiny dogs, which apparently about made her have a heart attack while posing with them during a photo shoot a while back. Kim made the odd confession while giving a speech to present an award at the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America. And while the fact that puppies scare the hell out of her is weird enough in itself, the manner in which she made the admission is even more bizarre.


Here's an excerpt of what Kim had to say before presenting Bruce Weber with an award to honor his commitment to the organization.

Throughout this year, three people passed away that were regulars and through sharing their story became friends of mine. That taught me about compassion. And I just felt like there's no judgment, and I learned a huge lesson on compassion. I share that story, because I think Bruce is one of the most compassionate people that I know. I worked with him on my first photo shoot -- and you don't know this, so please don't hold it against me, but I am so afraid of dogs, and he made me do this photo shoot with 10 dogs and I just wanted to make him happy and have a great shoot, but I was shaking. They were tiny dogs, but still.

Uh, what? Soooooo, the dogs terrified her but she didn't want to let Bruce down because he's so compassionate and that's a GREAT segue into talking about his contributions to ACRIA.

(Oh, Kim.)

And did I mention that she went on to reassure everyone that North West didn't inherit her phobia of dogs, which is such a relief to her?

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Ok, so I guess having a fear of dogs isn't all that out of the ordinary, you know, since some dogs bite and not all of them are fluffy and cuddly. But still, doesn't it seem like Kim's confession kind of came out of nowhere? 

Man, wouldn't you have loved to be in attendance for this speech? Odds are good that exactly every person there was squirming in their seat and thanking their lucky stars that they left their beloved pooches at home.

Do you think it's weird that Kim is afraid of dogs?


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