Kate Middleton Rolling Her Eyes at Bossy New Yorker Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

The Duchess of Cambridge has been getting her share of American casualness since she arrived in New York, what with LeBron James putting his arm around her and all, but just before she met the legendary baller, something even more astonishing happened -- a woman at a children's center where Kate was wrapping gifts told her in that bossy New Yawk way to "keep wrapping!" Kate looked astonished for a second, and then looked away and rolled her eyes.


Some people are aghast that anyone would show such disrespect to a royal, but many think the exchange was rather hilarious. Being a New Yorker, I'm in the latter category. Yes, it would be weird if someone like President Obama went to a foreign country and was ordered to do something by a "regular" person, but it would still be funny.

The point is, people, we are all HUMAN. Whether you are a King, Queen, Princess, or President, you are, first off, just human. And why should someone who works at a center for underprivileged children feel inferior to Kate anyway? The woman is doing awesome work in the world.

Anyway, she was just jokingly giving Kate a taste of New York attitude -- if this had happened in the South, someone would have called Kate "y'all." If Kate had been in Brooklyn, someone would have probably told her to "fuhgeddabout" the wrapping.

The way Kate handled it showed her human side -- and isn't that why we love Kate and William? Because they seem so down to Earth? If Kate had sat there frozen-faced and turned her nose up, we wouldn't love her.

She did what we all would have done -- rolled our eyes. Yes, she lives in a castle, but deep down, she's one of us!

Was this rude? Was Kate being snooty?

Image via Lauren/Vine

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