Kim Kardashian Reportedly Offered $1 Million to Spend Night With a Prince

Kim Kardashian

Well, we gotta wonder how Kanye West feels about Kim Kardashian's latest, uh, business venture? According to MediaTakeOut, Kim has been offered the plum amount of $1 million to fly to Saudi Arabia in January and spend the night with a Saudi prince ... and rumor has it, Kim has accepted the offer!


Adel Al-Otaibi is the member of the Saudi royal family who posted a comment on one of Kim's plethora of Instagram selfies last week that simply said, "I'm Saudi and I'll pay you one million per night Mai." It was enough to pique Kim's interest (and bank account), so she reportedly has decided to pack her bags and head to the Middle East.

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Now, there are a few things that could go horribly wrong mainly because Saudi Arabian online forums are already lighting up over Kim's arrival. Breaking the Internet with your bare bum and all your lady bits is not accepted in the modest culture found in the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia. The Jordanian news website Al Bawaba suggests that Kim pack an 'abaya' -- a robe-like dress to cover up her famous assets. And let's not forget that when Kim visited Bahrain in 2012 to open a Millions of Milkshakes, her appearance was protested to the point that tear gas had to be used to break things up. Let's just say that Kim isn't exactly a beacon of hope to bring peace to the Middle East!

But my biggest issue with this is I just don't think it's appropriate or necessary. Kim is a married woman. Call me old-fashioned but accepting $1 million to spend the night with another man -- even if it's a strictly platonic business deal -- isn't the greatest message to send, especially when you're constantly trying to prove that your marriage is on solid ground. And we know that $1 million is a drop in the bucket for Kim -- she doesn't need the money. Accepting this offer makes her look cheap. I just don't get why she isn't more selective with her paychecks.

It's not like Kim hasn't been down this road before without controversy. Doesn't Kim remember the DISASTER that was the 2013 Vienna Ball when she was paid $500,000 to attend as the date of 81-year-old billionaire Richard Lugner? He thought she was annoying, she thought he was aggressive, and the whole evening just reeked of desperation. We know this for sure since the whole awkward evening played out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

Kim has made it clear that she's dying to hang with the A-list, but you don't see, say, Jennifer Aniston running off to the Middle East to keep rich young princes company!

What do you think Kim should do?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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