Lamar Finally Signs Divorce Papers But Has Khloe Changed Her Mind?

Khloe KardashianAre Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom officially and completely dunzo? They're close, according to Sources say that Lamar has finally given in and signed the divorce papers -- and if the scene the source describes is true, it's really heartbreaking how the whole thing went down.


Reportedly, Lamar brought the divorce papers with him as Khloe and he took a drive to the beach. He then brought out the papers and said, "Khloe, you want me to sign these. I will. Here you go. Now what, we’re over?"

He then supposedly laid the papers in her lap and she burst into tears.

Hm, he's not laying on the guilt, is he???!!!

Lamar really seems to forget that it was HIM who put this whole thing in motion with his behavior. It also sounds like Khloe gave him chance after chance to change.

And now that she's finally begun to heal and move on ... he wants her back?! It just strikes me as soooo manipulative. Plus, I get the feeling if Lamar was showing Khloe with his actions that he truly had changed, she would jump at giving him another chance. My guess is that he pays a lot of lip service to it while continuing to do the things he did that broke up the marriage.

I hope Khloe sticks to her guns about it, but it can be really rough when you truly love and adore someone -- but that person keeps hurting you.

The source also claims that Khloe and Lamar still regularly meet up, though it's unclear if they are sleeping together. Now it's up to Khloe to decide whether to file the signed papers or shelve them and give it one last go.

Only Koko knows what she wants, but no one wants to see her hurting all over again.

Should they try one last time?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment

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