Kim Kardashian's Makeup-Free Face Makes Her Look Like a Different Person

Kim Kardashian

Gah. I know most of us tend to forgo putting on the heavy cosmetics before hitting the gym, but man -- just wait until you get a load of these new makeup-free pictures of Kim Kardashian all decked out in workout gear, because you aren't going to believe how flawless she looks. Honestly, she sort of looks like a totally different person, in a good way, of course, don't you think?


Sure, Kim's usual glammed-up self is definitely worth making a fuss over, but she really ought to think about going the natural route a little more often. Not everyone can pull off a fresh face without looking old, haggard, and dull. (Sad but true.)

But based on these new shots of Kim? It's obvious that the 34 years she's spent on this Earth have been quite kind to her, regardless of whether or not she had a little bit of "assistance" along the way.

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If nothing else, at least the fact that Kim isn't a total slave to makeup makes her seem a little more down-to-earth and ... normal. Sometimes it's pretty easy to forget that underneath all the glitz and glamour, she's just a regular mom who is trying her best to stay in shape and feel good about herself while balancing work and home life. (Or something to that effect.)

Do you think Kim looks better with or without makeup?


Image via J. Sharma/Bruja/PacificCoastNews

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