Kate Middleton's Outfit to 9/11 Memorial Causes a Scandal

Kate MiddletonSo much for Kate Middleton being able to do no wrong. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently over on our side of the pond, visiting children and getting dubious side hugs from NBA stars, and of course visiting the 9/11 memorial in New York City. But the always elegant Catherine managed to anger fans for the most ridiculous reason ever.


It seems that Kate Middleton wore the wrong color to the memorial with her husband Prince William. Pink. She wore pink! Bright pink. Pink, pink, pink! I know, right? How dare she!

The double-breasted, brightly-hued coat is Mulberry and is wool silk "double crepe." Some questioned the wisdom of wearing such a fabric on a rainy NYC day, but one thing the Internet seemed to agree on is the inappropriate choice of color.

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The Duchess had spent the day before visiting Harlem's Northside Center for Child Development, where she wore a black coat, tights, and pumps. Even though she was all smiles and her outfit had fun white details, she was still slammed for wearing black to visit kids, and pink to visit Ground Zero.

Some commenters went as far to say she was "vulgar" and "completely offensive." Come on, people! Kate looked wonderful and appropriately serious as she laid flowers on the names carved into the stone of the people who lost their lives over a decade ago.

People need to chill out. Her demeanor was appropriate. She looked lovely. And hey, maybe she felt the uncountable urge to wear pink because she does indeed have a little sister on board for Prince George.

Do you think Kate Middleton's wardrobe choice was inappropriate for visiting the 9/11 memorial?


Image via Jackson Lee/Carl Wu/Splash News

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