LeBron James Does Something Really Inappropriate While Meeting Kate Middleton (PHOTO)

lebron james kate middletonWhoaaaaa, everyone, stop the presses! This news will pretty much change your entire life's trajectory. Okay, okay, maybe not, but it's still fascinating nonetheless. LeBron James may have done something adorable for Kate Middleton and Prince William last night, but he also may have done something ... that would seriously make the Queen stop dead in her tracks and faint. Faint, we tell you! Okay, not really, but it is a Royal Rule James broke that he just may not have known about when he met one of the most famous couples in the world.


Check out what he did here. Look at those photos. Just LOOK. What? Can't see it?

Apparently, right after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, December 8, James and Kate and William met to take some photos, and he ... and he ... *lip quivering* put his arm around the Duchess.

For shame. We can't even look at it. It's too hard. It's eliciting tears. How dare he?? Stupid ignorant Americans!!

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Just kidding. Guidelines surrounding the royals suggest that non-royals are not allowed to touch or embrace members of the royal family. Whoops! Look at that arm! Drapped over the Duchess. But of course Kate took everything in stride and was gracious as always. So this really wasn't a big deal.

Especially when James presented the couple with an insanely adorable red jersey with #1 and "George" on the back in honor of their firstborn son. So James more than made up for his royal "oopsie." Which he probably had no clue about. Just imagine being one of the first big, tall, sweaty NBA players ever putting his arm around a princess! Talk about a new generation of royals, indeed. And James is referred to as "King James" anyway, so it's also only natural he simply assumed he was one of them!

Did you have any idea you weren't supposed to touch a member of the royal family?


Image via kingjames/Instagram

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