Kate Middleton Mistaken for Elsa From 'Frozen' By Adorable Little Kids

kate middletonWell, this is just plain adorable. On Monday, Kate Middleton visited students at the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, New York. Despite being the future Queen of England, the Duchess of Cambridge disappointed many of the children who were under the impression that Kate was the real-life version of Elsa from Frozen!

Before she visited with a class of 3- and 4-year-olds with special needs, a teacher asked the children if they were aware who was visiting them that afternoon. "A princess!" shouted one little girl. "They thought she was the princess from Frozen," an administrator told Us Weekly. So cute!

And of course after learning this, the Duchess did the sweetest thing.


Upon entering the classroom, Kate decided to use Frozen as an ice-breaker. "Do you really like Frozen?" she asked the children when she walked in. The Duchess also reportedly jokingly reprimanded a little boy named Sammy, who had put stickers on his friends. Also on the agenda while she was at the center? Gift wrapping! After being led to a gift wrapping area, Kate was given the task of wrapping an awkwardly-shaped singing butterfly. She joked that she was hoping to get a "square" present to wrap, but evidently wrapped the gift "beautifully."

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From all accounts, it sounds like both the Duchess and the students had a wonderful time during her visit. In fact, one school administrator even remarked, "She's so adorable. She's loving it. She's enjoying it," of Kate.

It's so cute that Kate decided to use Frozen as a means to initially break the ice with the kids. Not only does it show that she has a sweet sense of humor, it shows that she really knows how to connect with people, just as Princess Diana did. I'm sure the children will remember their visit with the princess for as long as they live -- even if she wasn't from Disney!

Does Kate Middleton remind you of Princess Diana?


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