You Won't Believe Which Country Hates Kate Middleton the Most

kate middletonThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine and William, are visiting the United States this week and Americans couldn't be more thrilled -- and neither could the Brits. Because, frankly, I think the Brits are hoping they don't return. For despite the fact that thousands of Britons clamored into the streets of London to watch the royal couple get married -- there is plenty of kvetching and grouching about them.


In the Daily Mail UK, Piers Morgan writes about how Americans go ga-ga over the royal family, saying:

In the 10 years I've lived here, I've never seen anything to rival the adulation, attention and respect this family engenders. If I want to make a dinner party in LA, Chicago, Dallas, or New York come to a shuddering, silent, awe-struck halt then I start loudly regaling all my royal stories.

The Brits are decidedly less impressed. In fact, they regularly still refer to Kate Middleton as "Waity Katie." (Since she dated William for so long before he proposed.)

Pore through the comments left by Britons on articles in the world's most popular online news site, The Daily Mail UK, and you will find Kate and Wills described as:

- "spongers"

- "privileged gits"

- "lazy people doing nothing but living off of the taxpayers' money"

And some typical comments about them:

- The human race is too stupid to comprehend sometimes, actually paying through taxes for a family to live in luxury and fawning after them like sycophantic brainless drones.

- If you love our Royals so much, America, why not take ours? You're welcome to them as far as I'm concerned.

- Royals: Waste of money, waste of time. The only ones who love them are the American media, women and little girls.

- I'd love to see how the Yanks feels about being obliged to fund the opulent lifestyle of a family based on little more than alleged 'history.'

- The United Kingdom is being embarrassed by these Germanic family that are not of British heritage! 

- All these sheep are so proud of their slave masters and seem to forget that the royal family and their bloodline have caused more misery and blood shed than you can imagine.

So what are you saying, Brits? You don't like Kate and Wills? Seriously, don't beat around the bush! Haha.

Well, they do have a point, don't they? Still, despite the "whinging" (as the Brits would say), polls state that about 80 percent of the British approve of having a monarchy. Even so, it must gall to see people being born into such exorbitant luxury who have done nothing to earn it except either be born or marry into it.

Since the Americans aren't funding Kate and Wills, it's a lot easier to love them.

Do you understand why the Brits may not like the royals?

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