Kim Kardashian's Latest Selfie Proves She Is Morphing Into This Celebrity

Kim KardashianWe all know that Kim Kardashian loves her selfies. Hell, she has an entire book of them, called Selfish, coming out next year. She loves them so much that on a recent date night with Kanye, she couldn't resist slipping into the bathroom to take a couple and upload them to Instagram. Kim was wearing possibly the tightest dress that a human being ever slithered into, but beyond that, did you notice something else? Kim's face has changed a lot over the years. Deny as she may that she's had a nose job or regular Botox or fillers, the truth is in the reflection. And these days, Kim is starting to look like another celebrity. Can you guess who it is? Go ahead, take yer picks.


Take a look at Kimmy's latest selfie and let's compare it to another celeb -- do you see the similarities?

I mean, sorry, is it me? Kim is starting to look a lot like Cher!

The same eyebrows, the same nose, the same puffed-out lips, the same long dark hair. Do you believe in love, Kim?

It's quite a compliment for Cher, who is almost 70, to look like Kim, who is 34. But I'm not so sure about whether it is flattering for Kim. Then again, there are worse people you can look like.

I totally hope they team up for a movie as mother and daughter. Though Oscar-winner Cher might not be on board with that.

What do you think?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram and Prisma/Splash News

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