Price of Kate Middleton's Latest Look Proves She Got Ripped Off (PHOTO)

kate middletonHave you heard? Have you heard? You haven't? Seriously? Time to fire that town crier ... anyway, Kate Middleton and Prince William are here visiting the grand ol' United States of America! Hopefully the royals (and Kate's baby bump!) are staying warm while they're taking in the sights on this side of the pond. And recently, when her beloved husband went to go have a chat with President Obama, Kate stayed behind in New York City. Apparently she knows how to dress like a New Yorker, wearing all black to stave off the cold in this blustery weather. But what we love most about her outfit is her black military-style "Washington" coat by Goat, which actually retails for over $1,000!


That's right, the always thrifty princess spent a little more on this coat than many of us mere mortals can afford, but she pulled the look off effortlessly. She visited Harlem's Northside Center for Child Development on Monday, December 8 appearing as chic as ever. Along with the coat, she wore black heels and dark black tights to finish everything off. It's a pretty simple black coat with very few embellishments for all that money, but Kate of course still rocks the look.

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In case you are in New York City and may want to catch a glimpse of your favorite royals, they're staying at the Carlyle Hotel, where, adorably, Prince William's mother, the late Princess Diana, apparently enjoyed staying whenever she visited. When the Prince and Princess arrived, they told everyone who came to greet them, "It's good to be here."

As fun as their visit is, it's going to be even more entertaining seeing what Kate chooses to wear in the States while also sporting her pretty much non-existent bump. But the black coat she wore will definitely be hard to top! Even if it is a little too simple for that hefty price tag. Check it out for yourself to see what you think of it.

Are you a fan of Kate's black coat?


Image via hrhcatherinemiddleton/Instagram

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