Kate Middleton Gives Camilla Parker-Bowles a New Reason to Hate Her

kate middletonAnd the Battle Royale rages on. According to new reports, Camilla Parker-Bowles is jealous that Kate Middleton keeps getting compared to Princess Diana. The Globe is claiming that Camilla is furious right now that everyone is making such a big deal over Kate's trip to New York City (yes, the Globe, so proceed with skepticism). A source told the mag, "Kate’s popularity sent Camilla in to a jealous rage. When Camilla came to the United States in 2005, her trip didn’t get much attention, it was her first visit with Charles after they married. Camilla just hasn’t got the magic that Kate has. Everyone wants to see Kate, they’re calling her the new Diana." The magazine also alleges that Camilla has turned to booze to deal with her frustrations.

Really, Globe? Hmmm ...


A lot of this report sounds very gossipy and, to be frank, somewhat unbelievable, but man, it has to be incredibly awkward for the two Duchesses, regardless of how much truth there is. There are constantly rumors lately about how the two don't get along.

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I wouldn't be completely surprised if there was some sort of tension between the two women, as it would be strange if these reports suddenly materialized out of nowhere -- and I can't imagine Camilla loves hearing about how Kate reminds everyone of the beloved Princess Diana. However, it's a little hard to believe that Camilla went into a "jealous rage" over everyone's excitement about Kate's trip to New York. People do love Kate Middleton -- this can't possibly be news to Camilla at this point. And, no offense, but she can't expect people to have the same level of excitement for her as they do for Kate.

Hopefully, a lot of these rumors are just that -- rumors -- and all is well in the royal family. Because if not, it's going to be one awkward Christmas!

Do you think Kate and Camilla get along?


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