Hugh Hefner Speaks Out on Long Time Friend Bill Cosby

Hugh HefnerLess than a week after Bill Cosby's youngest alleged victim filed a lawsuit claiming the comedian sexually assaulted her at the age of 15 in the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner has broken his silence over his long-time friend. Judy Hutch claimed on Tuesday that she was molested by the legendary actor in 1974, after he supposedly plied her with alcohol.


The 88-year-old neither condemned his buddy nor condemned his alleged inappropriate behavior. He said via The Hollywood Reporter:

Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening ... I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.

Hefner may have been accused of exploiting women countless times since Playboy's inception, but one thing he's been very vocal about it never forcing women to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

In addition to Huth's allegations about what supposedly happened at the Playboy Mansion, a former Playmate is also counted among the list of women claiming sexual assault from Cosby. 

Victoria Valentino was the Playmate of the Month in September 1963, and she claimed in a Washington Post article last November that the famed comedian "drugged and raped her in the wake of her 6-year-old son's tragic death."

This whole situation is just tragic. Either Bill Cosby did these terrible things, or a lot of women are falsely accusing him and ruining his life. Either way, it's awful.

Cosby has remained largely silent on the scandal, but did tell Florida Today recently, "I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. People should fact-check. People shouldn't have to go through that and they shouldn't answer to innuendos."

Do you think Bill Cosby should be more vocally denying the allegations?


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