Denise Richards' Latest Photo With Charlie Sheen Proves They Belong Together (PHOTO)

Denise Richards is one of those actresses who I always wrongly put in a box and labeled "pretty, slightly talented, but really pretty." But the more I hear about her and the amazing mom she is to the two girls she shares with ex-husband Charlie Sheen and her adopted daughter Eloise Joni, the more I realize how wrong I was. The woman has dealt with a lot of Charlie's bull: from reported death threats and restraining orders to ridiculously angry rants against her on Twitter because she didn't let him accompany them on a family trip, to who knows what else: Denise has a million valid reasons to cut Charlie out of her life. But her latest photo proves she is doing the opposite -- and that, for newly single Charlie, she really is the one who got away.


Denise and Charlie showed a united front for the sake of their 9-year-old daughter Lola, whom they cheered on at her soccer game. Denise posted this photo on her Instagram, showing the former couple looking super happy and, yes, touching each other, with the caption: "Late soccer game---cheering on Lola! @charliesheen #game2playoffs"

Charlie recently ended his engagement to porn star Brett Rossi because he says he wants to focus on his children -- which is commendable. Like I mentioned, he has put Denise through A LOT -- from trying to get his alleged $55,000 a month child support payments reduced to selling the mansion she lived in to a friend. Absolutely nutso way to treat the woman who was all ready to assume full custody of Charlie's 4-year-old twin boys -- the children he shares with his third wife Brooke Mueller (remember that)?

Let's hope this photo shows a new Charlie who has opened his eyes and is starting to treat his awesome ex with the respect she deserves. As for whether or not they should really get back together -- Denise seems like the ideal match for Charlie, but I'm not sure she should have to deal with more crazy in her life right now.

Do you think Denise and Charlie should get back together?


Images via deniserichards_officialpage/Instagram

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