Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green In Head-On Collision With Drunk Driver

megan fox brian austin greenMegan Fox and Brian Austin Green had the scare of their lives they were in a head-on car crash on Thursday. It was reported that Brian was driving around 25 mph down the street in Los Angeles when a drunk driver came around a turn going around 50 mph and went right into their lane, hitting their car.


At the 6th Annual Night of Generosity Gala on Friday, Brian said:

It could have ended horribly. We were talking about it today, on the way to run errands. I was saying, 'We're really lucky.' He was going 50 miles an hour, and we were going 25 down the street, and we hit head on. The inertia of that is is life changing. That's life changing for us.

Megan was in the passenger's seat and they couple is thankful that their kids were not in the car at the time of the accident. Bodhi is just 9 months old, Noah is 2 years old. But they are still very shaken up by the incident. The airbags deployed, which spared them from any major injuries. Brian called the police to the scene and he said that they were able to walk out of the cars after the crash. He even shook the hand of the driver who hit them. Once police arrived, they realized the driver was drunk and took him into custody.

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Accidents like this really get you thinking of all the what ifs. And then it makes you extra cautious. But it also makes you realize how fragile life is. That's the "life changing" aspect of it that Brian is talking about. We are all precious beings, and life should be treated as such as well. Life each day fully and happily.

Were you ever in a terrifying car accident?


Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

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