Kim Kardashian's Sex Confession Speaks Volumes About the Status of Her Marriage

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Plenty of miserable couples find all sorts of wacky reasons to stay together even though they'd rather run for the hills, so I guess we really shouldn't be all that shocked by a report claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's sex life is what's keeping them from getting divorced. An insider gave Hollywood Life Kim's description of how things are between the sheets with her beloved husband. You definitely don't want to miss this.


He/she said, "She thinks sex with Kanye is way too bomb for her to even think about leaving. That may be funny to some, but that alone satisfies Kim to the fullest."

Huh. While great sex alone isn't enough to sustain a marriage forever, it certainly doesn't hurt matters if things are working like clockwork in the bedroom. Hey, that kind of perfect compatibility can be pretty tough to find, and things tend to take a downward turn in the sack once you add kiddos into the picture. More power to Kimye if they're still hitting the big "O" every single time.

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I mean, there's really nothing worse than either a.) not enjoying sex with your husband, or b.) not even having sex with your husband (for whatever reason). I guess we really can't blame Kim for being apprehensive about giving up something she knows is guaranteed to satisfy.

Still, given how many rumors are swirling around right now insisting that Kim and Kanye are on the brink of divorce, there's bound to become a point in time when the hot sex isn't enough to keep them together. Keep in mind that they haven't even been married a year yet, so they're still in the midst of the whole newlywed phase thing. Once an ample amount of time passes by, odds are good that their physical attraction to each other will start to dwindle, especially if there are other underlying problems between them.

These two should probably go ahead and soak up all the action they can before things inevitably start fizzling out. If nothing else, at least they're guaranteed to have a pretty darn happy holiday season.

Do you think good sex is enough to keep a marriage together?


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