Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Break Up -- And You Won't Believe Why

khloe kardashianThey said it would never last, and, well, sadly they were right. According to reports, Khloe Kardashian and French Montana have officially broken up for the second time. The pair broke up in September after a whirlwind romance, but quickly rekindled their relationship in what seemed like a matter of weeks. In fact, not that long ago, Khloe and French were reportedly all over one another at the rapper's birthday bash. Now, however, the duo has supposedly called it quits for good -- and their reason for doing so is pretty shocking.


A source told Us Weekly, "Khloe just wasn't ready after Lamar and it was getting too serious. She respects and cares for him but just wasn't ready." Inneresting, right? I mean, on the one hand, good for Khloe for pulling the plug on her relationship with French if she wasn't ready. But on the other, does this mean she still isn't over Lamar?

We all have our opinions of Lamar -- and for the most part, they aren't good; so, it's easy for us all to sit back and scratch our heads and wonder why in the hell Khloe would ever want anything to do with him again. But Khloe was married to the guy. It's a whole different ball game for her -- regardless of whether or not he's a giant dirtbag.

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At this point, it sounds like the best course of action for Khloe is to just stay single, focus on herself, and really, truly try to heal from her divorce. She jumped into a relationship with French right after she and Lamar decided to end things. Clearly, she didn't have time to properly grieve their relationship.

I was never a fan of Khloe and French's relationship, but hopefully, Khloe isn't too upset about their breakup. And moreover, hopefully, she doesn't get back together with him again. Clearly, they're not meant to be.

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